In-app settings


This text field defines what the in-app notification will say.

Bundled message

Same as message however if the notification being sent to the client widget is a bundle then the text in this field will be used.

Email settings

Email layout

Selector for the email layout to be used when sending a notification via email.

Email delay

Approximate time in minutes after which the email will be sent if the notification has not been marked as read in-app. A common use case is that you want to send an email to a user after a set number of minutes if they have not seen an in-app notification. If by the time the email job is ran the notification has been seen by the user then the email is not sent. If you would like a notification to always be sent both in-app and email regardless of whether or not the user has seen it in app you can create two notifications - one for in-app only and another for email only.

Email layout variable fields

Depending on the email layout selected additional fields are generated dynamically for template variable values. The default email layout provides the following template variables - email_subject, email_title, email_body, link, email_button_text. Additionally for each generated field a bundled version of the field is generated for use when the email is bundling notifications. The values provided for these fields can be text, template variable names or a combination of both.

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